Pat. – Rothcare Boston – May 2023

Thanks for the service from start to finish of my purchase. Showed me the right unit suited for my needs, how to dismantle it to fit into my car without any hassle. The entire staff was involved and made me feel special. Thank you all, your company will be highly recommended.


Thank you so much Perth Mobility! You went over and above, and I can’t speak more highly of your service. We’ve been to quite a few companies and no one went to the efforts you did.

Sonja. – Merits Aurora – April 2022

I just wanted to thank Kate and all the staff who have helped with the order for R. You guys just were so amazing to work with and you helped us over and above what a service should provide. R and I are so happy. As his carer I have had to do nothing! You guys did it all and I am so grateful. Thankyou

Graham. – TravelScoot Service – April 2022

Thank you for the excellent service and extremely quick turn around you provided on the TravelScoot warranty repair you completed for my son.  It meant there were no restrictions to his weekend which is much appreciated.

Quentin. – Pride Pathrider 140XL – April 2022

Thank you  very much for your fine service helpful  nature and attention to detail.

Austin – Merits Eclipse – Feb 2022

I’ve been living in Perth for 32 years and have had lots of services that have been good but this was exceptional. Your delivery staff driver Potts knows his job back to front. He showed me the scooter in every way possible! Kate and Potts got as close to perfection as could be possible. Thank you so much!

Colin & Kathleen. – Pride Quest – Sept 2021

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of Perth Mobility Scooters, in particular Debbie Borrello, who was extremely helpful in the selection of my first portable Gopher purchased over a year ago with which I was so pleased that when my wife needed to improve her mobility I had no hesitation in recommending a similar vehicle. Once again Debbie was our helpful contact. Both my wife and myself are well pleased with our purchase and felt obliged to add that we are proud owners of two Pride Quest Portable Gophers purchased from Perth Mobility Scooters.- Colin & Kathleen”.

Roger N. – TravelScoot – August 2021

“I would just like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding customer service rendered by Kate. She went out of her way to arrange for a trial of the TravelScoot at my office and was very patient in answering all my queries and listening to my needs as well as going through all the details about the scooter with me, both at the trial and when I picked it up from the showroom. She is truly a gem and an absolute asset to your esteemed establishment.

I am extremely happy with the TravelScoot. It is portable, simple to operate and the battery seems to last forever. In the short few days that I have had it, I was able to go to so many places and do so many things that I couldn’t before. It has indeed opened up many new possibilities for me. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a portable scooter.”

Roger N. – TravelScoot – (another message later on from Roger)

“One of the places I couldn’t really explore before was Bunnings Warehouse. I love DIY stuff but I used to dread going there as it required a lot of walking since it’s huge. So, I ended up just ordering through “click and collect” and have them send the items to my car. It was ok but not ideal as I couldn’t see or feel the stuff I bought.  I ended up buying the wrong stuff on many occasions. With the TravelScoot, I can now fully explore all the available options in Bunnings Warehouse before making a purchase.”

…and then a couple of days later Roger sent us another message!…

“As a matter of fact, I just popped over to Carousel this arvo to run some errands and was able to get everything done in record time thanks to the TravelScoot. It’s truly indispensable now!”

…Thanks Roger for all your amazing feedback, we’re so happy it’s all working out so well for you!!

Davana N. – Freedom Chair DE08 Premium Lite Sport – May 2021

“I am finally free. The Freedom Chair says it all. I can now do anything at any time. The wheelchairs look the same as some other ones that I have seen but you need to sit in the seat to feel the difference. So much more comfortable and supportive. Your service is outstanding in every aspect”.

Robina A. – Merits Eclipse S2 – March 2021

“I am absolutely thrilled with my Eclipse scooter and the staff at Perth Mobility Scooters. It’s beautiful in their showroom, I loved the whole experience. The staff were so helpful and they delivered it to me so quickly!”

Fred K. – Freedom Chair DE08 Premium Lite Sport – February 2021

I’m really happy with my power wheelchair. It’s so comfortable and now I’m able to move comfortably around the house and to the shops. It is great to drive and I’m so happy getting around on it.

Antony W. – Merits Explorer – January 2021

“I am so happy with my Explorer and I couldn’t be happier with your service. 10 out of 10 and I’d recommend you to all my friends. It was so good dealing with a local company as I like to support local. Thanks for the great service Debbie and Kate.”

Bruce A. – Pride Sportrider – January 2021

” I just wanted to tell you how wonderful my Sportrider is. I’m in love with it! It’s so comfortable, I feel very safe and it’s fun to ride. It’s just marvellous! Thank you

John R. – Pride Pathrider 10 Deluxe – September 2020

“Kate was very obliging and I could not have been happier with her service. The scooter was delivered on time and was beautifully presented. I will recommend your firm and Kate to all my friends”.

Kevin N. – Pride Pathrider 140 XL – September 2020

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Pathrider 140XL. Changing to the 100AH Lithium batteries has given me greater carry weight and confidence to travel long distances. The 20amp battery charger means that overnight charging gives me 100% fully charged batteries for the day ahead. Just to finish off I found that you and the rest of the staff were very helpful and knowledgeable and made the decision to purchase the 140XL a simple task. Thanks very much Kate.”

Ken W. – Pride Pathrider 140 XL – August 2020

“The service and training given to me when the scooter was delivered to me was great. I have had a scooter before but I learned a lot more about how to use this new scooter”.

John S. – Afikim Afiscooter S4 with canopy and rain cover – August 2020

“My AfiScooter looks great. I’m not driving anymore and I live in a hilly area so it will get me up to the shops and my appointments. Because I have the canopy and rain cover, it won’t matter what the weather is, I can get out whenever I need to. Thanks for spending time setting it up comfortably for me and going over all the controls”.

Kerry B. – Pride Sportrider – July 2020

“I just love my Sportrider! It’s given me the comfort and freedom I needed. It’s such a groovy thing, I get the thumbs up from everyone!  I can’t drive a car anymore but now I can get out in the sunshine. It gives me my independence and it’s just liberating! The Sportrider gives me such pleasure.”

Mavis D. – Merits Aurora S2 with Lithium battery upgrade and a sun canopy – July 2020

“I am very pleased with my Aurora mobility scooter and all the features on it. It’s not the first scooter I’ve had before but it surpasses anything I’ve ever had and I was really happy with their service”.