Mini Cutie

The S16A Mini Cutie is the smallest medium sized scooter. With its modern design and special features it offers the comfort of a large scooter while its compact design allows for easy use indoors as well as on Public Transport. It’s easy to read Dashboard will give you all the information you require throughout your journey including the time, temperature, your speed and a battery bar.

Independent front and rear suspension and a high back padded seat will provide you with a high level of comfort during your journey. Headlight, Sidelights, side mirrors and added height will allow you to travel safely and well visible to other road users even during night time.

The larger Battery will give you a longer range and the strong 400W 4-Pole Motor will allow you to travel at a 10k speed even in moderately hilly areas for up to 30km

Who does this scooter suit?
The Mini Cutie is the right scooter for you if you live in flat terrain or an area with moderate hills and plan on using your scooter for everyday tasks during the day as well as in the evenings. If you want a small scooter but don’t want to compromise on comfort, flexibility and safety this is the right choice for you.

Why do we love this scooter?

  1. The turning circle is more like a three wheel scooter, but with the stability of a four wheeler.


  • Weight Capacity: 120 kg
  • Dimensions L x W: 1195mm x 620mm
  • Weight with Battery: 85 kg
  • Motor Type: 400W 4-Pole Motor
  • Max Speed: 10 kph (complying with Australian Regulations)
  • Battery: 12V 36AH x 2pcs
  • Battery Range: 25km
  • Drive Wheel: 280mm x 100mm
  • Charger Type: 5 Amp off board charger
  •  Turning Radius: 1020mm