Merits Regal 344A XL (Wide Seat) $7,300

Summary of key specifications

Scooter Type: Large Wide Seat option (with steep driveway and hill climbing ability)

Carrying Capacity: 227kg

Range per charge: up to 50km

Maximum Speed: 10km/hr

Suspension: Yes full front and rear

Tyres: 14″ Pneumatic

The Merits Regal 344A XL gives you so much more seating space! Like its single seat option (the Regal 344A) this is a powerful and stable mobility scooter. This double sized scooter will confidently take you all the places you need to go with an impressive range of up to 50kms. It is an ideal mobility scooter for those living in either flat or hilly areas or with steep driveways as its powerful motor will tackle inclines without trouble. Its simple dashboard is simple and easy to use. With large pneumatic tyres and full front and rear suspension, cruising in this scooter will be as smooth as can be. The Merits Regal 344A XL will give you the space to take your partner with confidence and enjoyment on every outing. Don’t take our word for it, come in to see us and and try it out for yourself.

Key Features

  • Loop handlebars offer comfortable finger or thumb throttle operation
  • 4 wheel adjustable suspension system allowing for more rider control and comfort
  • Large 14″ wheels which provide great ground clearance
  • Larger 4 pole motor and larger controller delivering much more power for climbing steep driveways or hills
  • Built-in half speed safety switch which operates automatically when turning corners to provide extra safety
  • New improved, fully adjustable leather-feel seat, allowing maximum rider comfort
  • Separate emergency braking system for added security
  • With new easy to access 12 volt socket for charging
  • Available in a wide seat version (Regal 344A XL)

Optional Extras


Weight (kg)
Base Battery    Seat Total with Battery Capacity
81 kg 25kg ea. approx.    127 kg 158 kg 227 kg
Max Speed 10kph
Range 40-50km / 27-33mi
Turn Radius 167cm / 65.7″
Ground clearance 10cm / 4″
Motor DC 24V, 650W (Rating) / 2200W (Max)
Controller Rhino 160A
Battery Requirements 12V  60-80AH x 2pcs
Charger 8A off-board
Front Wheel 14″ pneumatic
Rear Wheel 14″ pneumatic
Brake Intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic brakes

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