Cushions – Precision Comfort Deep Gel Cushion

  • Gel-infused viscoelastic upper foam inside overlay to help keep the skin cool and comfortable
  • Removable gel overlay designed to stay in place to allow the clinician to modify the base for a custom fit
  • Ergonomic contour which helps maintain proper posture and reduces fatigue
  • High-density, high-resilience foam for long lasting support
  • Deep well to allow deep submersion of the IT and coccyx for great skin protection at these vulnerable points. Also to help prevent sacral sitting and promote proper posture
  • Super soft silicone gel layer on gel-infused visco insert in the well to envelop the bone structure for superior pressure reduction
  • Super soft silicone gel insert in overlay which forms to the IT and coccyx for pressure reduction and prevents shearing
  • HD high-resilience base foam around the gel insert in overlay to help support the greater trochanter and femurs for enhanced pressure reduction
  • Moisture wicking, four-way stretch, and fluid resistant cover which keeps the person dry and comfortable while allowing them to form into the gel and visco insert properly

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