Freedom Chair DE08L Premium Lite Sport $5,690

Total weight without batteries: 27.3kg

Weight when split: 14.3kg (drive segment) + 13kg (seat segment) + 1.6kg battery

Battery Specifications: Includes 1 x 24v 10AH lithium battery with MSDS (additional batteries available)

Weight Capacity: 160kg

Motors: 2 x brushless 250w

Range Estimate: 15km with one battery, 30km with 2 batteries, 45km with 3 batteries.

Unfolded size: 110cm (L) x 60.6cm (W) x 98cm (H)

Folded size: 60.6cm (L) x 75.6cm (W) x 36.5cm (H)

Seat Size: 44cm (W) x 44cm (L)

Drive Wheels: 12″ Pneumatic

Front Wheels: 8″ PU

Anti-tip wheels: Yes removable

Suspension – Yes

Joy stick mounting – L/R armrest, or backrest using carer attachment accessory

Brakes: Electromagnetic braking, freewheel function

Armrests – Flip up

Speed: 1-7km/hr

Adjustable Backrest: Adjustable vertically

Incline grade: 12 degrees

Seatbelt and travel pouch: Yes

Footplate: Double hinge

Seat tilting upgrade compatible: No

Freedom Chairs are the lightest electric folding wheelchairs in Australia. They are very easy to operate and the quickest to fold. The DE08L Premium Lite Sport is unlike any other in the way it folds and splits in just seconds for easy lifting into your vehicle. Don’t strain your back lifting your powerchair into your car ever again! The Freedom Chair DE08L Premium Lite Sport quickly splits into two easy lifting segments to load into the car when required.


If you are comparing the two DE08 models…both the DE08 Premium Lite and the Premium Lite Sport split (none of the other Freedom Chairs split). The difference between the two is that the Sport model has 12″ pneumatic tyres which provides extra comfort when travelling outside the home. This in turn changes the weight and dimensions slightly as the pneumatic rear drive wheels are larger than those on the DE08 Premium Lite which comes standard with 10″ PU solid puncture proof tyres.

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Additional information

Weight 26.8 kg
Dimensions 102.5 × 59.6 × 96 cm
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