Afikim Afiscooter C Series $3,870

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The new Afiscooter C with its unique design made to maximise the protection and safety of the driver and its excellent multi-functionality is the perfect mobility scooter for those who wish to maintain an active, dynamic and versatile lifestyle.
The 3 wheel model is supremely maneuverable and the 4 wheel model is ultra-solid, offering smooth and comfortable ride along with improved stability.
You will be travelling in outstanding style and comfort, whichever you choose.
  • Robust design to maximize the protection and safety of the driver
  • A Delta tiller with an easy to read LCD display and left and right throttle controls to accommodate any driver.
  • Full front and rear suspension for ultimate comfort while driving (for both indoor and outdoor use)
  • A luxurious, orthopaedic, rotatable seat for easy boarding and comfort while driving
  • Excellent storage space with a lockable front compartment and an additional lockable rear box included
  • A powerful, long-lasting, energy efficient LED headlight
  • An option for a hard-top canopy to ensure comfortable ride in all weather conditions

Specifications (Afiscooter C4):

Overall Length: 137 cm

Overall Width: 67 cm

Overall Height: 128 cm (without canopy) or 163 cm (with canopy)

Ground Clearance: 10 cm

Weight: 95 kg (without canopy) or 107 kg (with canopy)

Maximum weight capacity including driver: 150 kg

Travel Range: 40-45 km

Maximum Speed: 10-15 kph

Maximum Climbing Angle: 9 degrees (16%)

Turning Radius: 170 cm

Seating Width: 46 cm

Tyre Type: Pneumatic (1.7 bar)

Tyre Size: Front 3.5 – 6″ & Rear 3.5-6″

Battery Type:  2 x 12 volt 75 Ah gel batteries included

Power Unit: Rear wheel drive  –  24V DC motor; 950W

Controller Type: SD 120A

Charger Type: 8 Amp

Colours Available: Silver, Blue, Dark Grey, Red

Optional extras:

  • Hardtop canopy for all weather conditions
  • Wider 20″ seat
  • Crutch holder
  • 3 wheeled option (Afiscooter C3)
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