Afikim Afiscooter S Series $6,218

The Afiscooter S-series has a wonderfully spacious design maximising driver protection and safety. Not only does it deliver safety but its comfort is also top notch. The brilliant ergonomics will deliver the drive that you are after. Also, if you need a scooter that can handle more than a regular footpath, this vehicle will take you places impossible for the standard mobility scooter. It will take you over rough, off-road terrain and even golf courses! Winter is upon us, so if you want to get out and travel in all weather conditions, you can purchase the hardtop canopy to handle the weather. Nothing will stop you getting mobile with an Afiscooter S4!

You can be confident that the luxurious Afiscooter S4 is high quality and has long-lasting reliability from a brand you can trust.  Afikim Electric Vehicles have been developing and manufacturing electrically-powered mobility scooters for over 40 years.

  • New rubber (PU) shock absorbing front bumper to maximize the protection and safety of the driver
  • An ergonomic tiller with bright, easy to read LCD display
  • A luxurious orthopaedic rotatable seat with high backrest for comfort and ease of boarding (also available in wide seat option)
  • Powerful, long-lasting energy efficient LED headlights
  • The option of wide GT (golf) tyres, for extra traction and stability together with the high chassis clearance give the AfiScooter S off-road performance.
  • Optional Hardtop canopy and rain sides with ergonomic design to ensure comfortable ride in all weather conditions.
  • Extremely spacious design


Overall Length: 165 cm

Overall Width: 68 cm (standard wheels) or 88 cm (with golf/GT tyres)

Overall Height: 125 cm (without canopy) or 164 cm (with hardtop canopy)

Ground Clearance: 12.5 cm

Weight: 167 kg (including batteries and GT)

Max Weight Capacity: 200 kg (including driver)

Travel Range: 45-50 km

Maximum Speed: 10-15 kph

Maximum Climbing Angle: 15% at 15km/hr, 20% @ 12km/hr

Turning Radius: 228 cm

Seating width: 51 cm (single seat) or 85 cm (dual seat)

Tire type: Pneumatic (1.7 bar)

Tire Size

  • Front 3.5-6″ 
  • Rear 3.5-10″

Batteries: 12 Volt 105 Ah max (x2)

Motor/Power Unit: Rear wheel drive.  24V DC motor; 1,400W

Controller type: SD 140A

Charger type: 8 Amp

Colours Available: Silver, Blue, Dark Grey, Red

Optional Extras

  • Wide GT (golf) tyres for extra traction, stability, clearance & terrain capability
  • Golf bag holder
  • Hardtop canopy with ergonomic design for protection from the sun and rain
  • Rain cover
  • Wide 33″ seat
  • Left speed lever
  • Pedal operation
  • Crutch holder
  • 3 wheeler option
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