Used Scooters

At Mobility Scooters Perth we also stock pre-owned, used mobility scooters, some of which are in near new condition.

These are available in a range of designs, and with different features and controls, for indoor and outdoor use, to suit varying and specific requirements.

We know that not everyone is looking for a new mobility scooter, so if you’re looking for a pre-owned mobility scooter, we have a range of pre-owned products to choose from. This includes pre-owned mobility scooters that are only a few months old so you get could get an almost new mobility scooter at a price that’s a lot less than the cost of a new one.

All our pre-owned mobility scooters are tested, serviced, and tested again before we make them available for buying. This means that when you decide on a pre-owned mobility scooter from us you can be assured of its reliability. We’re happy to share statistical information on our pre-owned mobility scooters, such as its age, usage, and general feedback on the model.

We understand second-hand mobility scooters are available to purchase elsewhere, but please check the price includes the charger, and that the batteries have been tested. Even though being told the scooter “has barely been used” sounds great, sometimes this means the batteries have not been charged for some time, which may make this cheap scooter far more costly in the long run.

We don’t work with sales incentives, so you can shop in a no-pressure environment, focusing on buying a mobility scooter that best meets your requirements; while our customer service team focuses on providing you with good service. We’d like you to have a product that you’re happy with, good service, and a positive experience when you shop with us.

Our experienced customer service team is well trained and on hand to offer helpful and expert advice to help you make a better decision. We will patiently explain the features and differences between mobility scooters, helping you make a more informed choice on one that meets your requirements.

We encourage you to try before you buy, and have a safe and secure area right outside our showroom where you can take our mobility scooters for a test drive.

We also offer trade-ins to help you upgrade to new and advanced models.

Get in touch with us today to know more about our products or have a query answered, or come visit us at our showroom to have a look at our range of mobility scooters, and accessories such as batteries and battery chargers.

Free parking is available right outside our showroom, which is wheelchair accessible.

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