New Scooters

We offer a wide range of advanced mobility scooters to suit the different mobility requirements of people with limited mobility.

Our range is available with varying features, for indoor and outdoor use, to suit the different and specific needs of people.

Mobility scooters offer great independence to people with limited mobility. Buying one that is suited to your specific needs, being familiar with the features and controls, and happy with the comfort and stability it offers may help you overcome many of your mobility limitations and helps you to retain or regain your independence.

Our range of trusted and popular brands include Monarch, Pride, Shoprider, Active Care and Merits; and a wide range of other brands and products to choose from.

Our expert and experienced customer service team is well trained and on hand to offer helpful advice to find a mobility scooter that is suited to your needs. We will patiently explain the features, controls, and differences between our mobility scooters, helping you make a more informed decision on one that meets your specific requirements.

We don’t work with sales incentives, so you can shop in a no-pressure environment, focusing on buying a mobility scooter that suits you, while our customer service team focuses on providing you with good service. We’d like you to have a product that you’re happy with, good service, and a positive experience when you shop with us.

We encourage you to try our products before you buy, we have a safe and secure area right outside our showroom where you can take our mobility scooters for a test drive.

We offer trade-ins to help you upgrade to new and advanced models.

All our scooters come with long life gel batteries, we stock and sell accessories including batteries and battery chargers to power your mobility scooter.

Get in touch with us today to know more about our products or have a query answered, or come visit us at our showroom to have a look at our range of mobility scooters, and accessories such as batteries and battery chargers.

Free parking is available right outside our showroom, which is wheelchair accessible.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Monarch Royale 4 Mobility Scooter