Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much do mobility scooters cost?

Answer: This depends on the features that best suit your unique needs. We stock various brands of mobility scooters in many different sizes and price ranges. New mobility scooters can range from approximately $2,000 up to $12,000 again depending your needs.

Question: What is the best mobility scooter?

Answer: The best mobility scooter isn’t necessarily the most expensive scooter! We pride ourselves on highly personalised customer service. If you come into our showroom or call us we will spend time listening and getting to know you and your unique requirements. Is it to go in and out of the boot of your car? Do you need something big to go long distances instead of a car? Maybe you just need something to go a short distance on flat ground to the local shops? If you are tall in stature then the scooter that will suit you will be different to someone who is short in stature. Together, we will find the perfect scooter to suit your mobility and your lifestyle.

Question: Why should I choose Perth Mobility Scooters over competitors?

As a locally owned and operated business with over 20 years in the community we have formed strong relationships with local and overseas suppliers. We also pride ourselves on our extensive range at the most competitive prices possible. We service hundreds of new clients each year, many of which form an ongoing relationship with us. We believe this, in combination with our focus on individual client needs, makes us Perth’s best!

Question: What do I do if I have an emergency breakdown?

Answer: We are unable to provide an emergency breakdown service. In WA the RAC provides roadside assistance to its Wheels2Go members. They can help with on the spot problems and arrange for you to be taken home if it cannot be fixed on the spot. Note that for punctures/flat tyres you will need to supply your own spare tube. We carry spare tubes so if you’d like to purchase one in case of emergency then call us on (08) 9244 1005 to place your order. Click here to read more about the RAC Wheels2Go membership.

Question: Do I need to insure my mobility scooter?

Answer: Insurance is advisable to protect your mobility scooter, yourself and others around you. In WA, RAC offer insurance along with Blue Badge Insurance. There are several insurers that you should investigate such as your own house and contents insurers to see which option suits you best.

Question: Where do I get spare parts for my mobility scooter?

Answer: We stock various accessories and spare parts for the mobility scooters that we sell. If we don’t have the part in stock we can arrange to order it in for you.

Question: How often do I need to service my mobility scooter?

Answer: Please contact our office for any maintenance or service enquiries including batteries, brushes, spare tubes, brake check etc. Brakes for example should usually be checked every 12 months. Store your mobility scooter in a secure, dry location close to a power point to keep it in the best condition possible.

Question: Why won’t my scooter go forwards or backwards?

Answer: If the scooter makes a beeping sound when you turn it on & won’t drive forwards or backwards it may be in neutral.
What to Do: Turn the key off. Check that the yellow (or it’s sometimes red) lever at the rear of the scooter is in drive (not neutral). Once you have put the lever into drive, turn the scooter ignition key back on and it should drive.

Question: How do I charge my mobility scooter batteries?

Answer: Turn the ignition key off. Charge your mobility scooter overnight and turn the charger off in the morning. Your charger light should show solid green when fully charged.

Question: How do I look after my mobility scooter batteries?

Answer: Do not let your batteries run all the down to empty/flat before re-charging them. It’s important that you re-charge them after use.
Extra Information: Running your batteries to completely flat will shorten the life of your batteries significantly. If you do run them all the way to flat and it harms the functioning of the battery you will void your battery warranty. Charging your batteries regularly will help to get the best life out of your batteries. If you aren’t going to use your mobility scooter for a while, make sure you put the batteries on to charge them up from time to time to maintain their lifespan.

Question: How do I adjust the speed on my mobility scooter?

Answer: Mobility scooters usually have a couple of speed modes, it will depend on your model of scooter. The “Turtle” mode always means slower & the “Hare/Rabbit” mode always means faster. Check to see if you have a switch with either of those switches. If your scooter is travelling too fast, switch it to “Turtle” mode. Your speed may be indicated on your display or speed dial to help you get comfortable with the most comfortable speeds for you.
Extra Information: In addition, on the larger mobility scooters you may have a dial which you can gradually adjust within each speed setting. The dial can be turned up or down to give you better control of your speed within the turtle and hare modes.

Question: What is a Diagnostic Fault Code?

Answer: Some mobility scooters are fitted with a diagnostic LED light. IF the LED light is flashing, check your user manual to diagnose the problem.

Question: All the systems on my scooter seem to be dead. What has happened?

Answer: Make sure the key is in the “on” position. Check that your batteries are fully charged. If in doubt put the scooter on the charger briefly. Make sure that your battery harness is firmly connected.

Question: What is the warranty on my scooter?

Answer: The warranty for each brand and model of scooter can differ. Check your owners manual, it outlines the warranty periods for each part of the scooter.

Question: I think my scooter is still under warranty and it needs some work done. What do I do?

Answer: If you purchased your mobility scooter from us at Perth Mobility Scooters call our office on (08) 9244 1005. If you are able to bring the scooter to our premises then the warranty work is free of charge. If you need the warranty work completed elsewhere a call out fee will apply. In the instance you need to transport the scooter to our premises a Maxi Taxi is always a good option.

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